UTGT_Cover14Under the Gum Tree is an independent and reader-supported literary arts micro-magazine. Because we strive for authentic connections through vulnerability, we exclusively publish creative nonfiction and visual art. We publish quarterly, and accept submissions year-round. Click here for complete submission guidelines and here for subscription options.

What’s inside the current issue?


Roads, Lost, by Camille Griep

Crash, by Daisy Florin

An Occasion of Sin, by Emalene Fargnoli Renna

New Portraits of Women Artists in their Personal Space, a photo essay by Kurt Edward Fishback

Potato Salad Portraits: Five Prose Poems, by Alaina Symanovich

Excerpts from Get it While You Can, by Nick Jaina

And How to Be Alone, by Tasha Cotter

Visual art by Ryan Travis Christian